For Now & Forever

KTC 1709 . 1CD . 8711801017099 . 06/06/2021 . Etcetera Records

For Now & Forever

  • Bernard van Beurden
  • David Charlwood
  • Emil Hlobil
  • Miklós Maros
  • Felix Yanov-Yanovsky
  • Leo Samama
  • Andreas van Zoelen
  • Giorgio Colombo Taccani
  • Jean Babtiste Singelée

For Now& Forever
Music for tenor saxophone

Andreas van Zoelen tenor saxophone
Martien Maas piano
Susanne van Zoelen-Lucker english horn
Elliot Riley alto saxophone

It was towards the end of the 1990s that I became fascinated by the sound of the bass saxophone; low instruments clearly form part of my DNA, as my brother is a bass guitarist and my father played bass harmonica in a harmonica trio when he was younger. I started looking for pieces to play to get to know the instrument better, but discovered that there was hardly any original repertoire for it, despite the fact that the bass saxophone was the first instrument of the family that Adolphe Sax invented.

This marked the beginning of a wonderfully vivid quest: some 130 works for bass saxophone came to be composed and performed in close collaboration with the composers, with 45 of them being written for bass saxophone and English horn; this latter instrument was played by Susanne van Zoelen - Lucker, with whom I formed the Spectrum Duo. When I later became the tenor saxophonist of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet in 2014, I decided to approach a few composers whose works had particularly impressed me and to ask them if they would compose something for tenor saxophone; the repertoire for tenor saxophone, like the bass, never seems to contain enough good pieces.

I researched the original sound of Sax’s instruments as part of my doctoral studies in Brussels and also worked towards an identification of the Raschèr saxophone tradition, as it is very much linked to Sax’s original ideas. This recording is a representation of my thesis in sound. I chose the title For Now and Forever for this CD not only because Bernard van Beurden’s work is important to me, but also because it describes the intention behind the recording in an almost philosophical way. The original sound of a first-generation Adolphe Sax saxophone (1861) with an original mouthpiece is recorded here for the first time. We have included not only works that were published by Sax himself, including the very first work specifically for tenor and piano, but also the most recently composed works for tenor saxophone. We trust that this connection between the very beginning and the present, the now, gives a clear direction for the future: forever...

Andreas van Zoelen


Track listing

1 For Now and Forever (2014) - for tenor saxophone solo* 05:01
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Bernard van Beurden'
2 The Road Back (2000) - for tenor saxophone and English horn* 08:23
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'David Charlwood'
3 Canto Pensieroso op. 97 (1976) - for tenor saxophone and piano 09:24
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Emil Hlobil'
4 Zopf (2015) - for tenor and alto saxophone* 08:33
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Miklós Maros'
5 Dialogue (Pro et Contra) (2015) - for tenor saxophone and piano* 05:37
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Felix Yanov-Yanovsky'
6 Capriccio II op. 88 (2016) - for tenor saxophone and piano* 09:59
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Leo Samama'
7 Halvdager op. 96 (2015) - for tenor saxophone and piano* 03:29
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
8 Unstable Portrait of A. S. (2016) - for tenor saxophone and piano* 06:20
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Giorgio Colombo Taccani'
9 Adagio et Rondo, op. 63 (1859) - on Adolphe Sax tenor saxophone (1861) & Erard grand piano (1843) 03:44
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Jean Babtiste Singelée'
10 Souvenir de la Savoie, op. 73 (1860) - on Adolphe Sax tenor saxophone (1861) & Erard grand piano (1843) 04:54
artists: 'Andreas van Zoelen'
composers: 'Jean Babtiste Singelée'