About Etcetera

Some historical facts about Etcetera

Etcetera Records was founded by David Rossiter and Michel Arcizet. In the early eighties they cherished the dream of founding a new label that would give room to repertoire that was being neglected by the major companies. This dream materialized in a rapidly growing catalogue with lots of unknown, forgotten and new music performed by excellent musicians. Sadly, both David Rossiter and Michel Arcizet are no longer with us. In 2002 Coda Distribution bought the label with the late Paul Janse (1967-2014) and Dirk De Greef as A&R managers. The new ownership maintained its path of discovery. Under their supervision the label developed its strong profile further. To this day, exploration and excellence are the brick and mortar of Etcetera Records with Dirk De Greef and Roman Jans as the driving force. It remains evident that the quality of recording and performance are of the highest level.

Diversity of repertoire

Etcetera Records focuses on unknown repertoire. You can find works by forgotten composers from centuries ago, contemporary composers working in a niche or unknown works by well known composers from all ages and sometimes even unpublished repertoire. At the same time you will find famous composers and their best known works in the catalogue. Next to that, the catalogue holds recordings mostly of chamber music, but also of music for chamber orchestra or regular orchestras with ‘small scale’ pieces.

Authenticity of performance

The Etcetera Records artists all have distinct ideas about their instrument and the music they perform. Authenticity is a very important part of this. The musicians play Old music, Baroque music and even Romantic music on period instruments. Many of them are great researchers. They are fanatics when it comes to finding the right instrument for the right repertoire, to make the music and the days of its composer come alive again. And they are always on the look out for new musical treasures hidden away in libraries and collections all over the world.

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