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Capilla Flamenca

The artistic excellence of the Capilla Flamenca in the field of Early Music is undisputed. The four male singers enlarge their quartet according to the needs of the programme with singers, windinstruments, string instruments or an organ. The ensemble integrates music, dance and theatre. The personality of the musicians and the interaction between them creates a polyphonic soundimage in a dynamic way and an authentic interpretation. Capilla Flamenca won the prestigious international award Il Filarmonico for both the high artistic value of their performances and the cultural value of their musicological research. After various activities as accompanist, arranger and producer, Joris Verdin now focuses on the organ and the harmonium and has become internationally reputed as a specialist, spanning many musical eras and styles. The Capilla Flamenca recruits its specialist musicians mainly from Flanders so as to bring the unique timbre of this brilliant 15th and 16th music to life once again in its full authenticity. Artistic director Dirk Snellings assembles unique and innovatory programmes in collaboration with prominent musicologists.


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